This is a record among corporate KnowledgeFox customers from all over the world:

The KnowledgeMatch, the playful knowledge-based version of KnowledgeFox, was so well received at Austrian pastry innovator Resch & Frisch that most participants played over 100 matches and several reached the top score of 16,000 individual match points in the ranking! Incredibly, the top scorers played more than 6,000 games!

Record scores never before reached with KnowledgeMatch

Almost 200 employees of the Resch & Frisch “Gastro” department duelled each other from May to July 2017 in a special course titled “FOX Duel”. “We aimed at deepening the knowledge areas together with other colleagues. In addition to the match points achieved individually, we used additional criteria such as average points per match, number of different match partners and bonus points for team activity,” explains Michael Daurer, HR Manager and KnowledgeFox Project Manager at Resch & Frisch.

Gamification and incentives strengthen corporate culture and team spirit

Last weekend saw an award ceremony take place in Wels for the best KnowledgeMatch players. The winner received an iPad, as well as travel and restaurant vouchers.

Resch & Frisch has planned an online survey for the upcoming autumn season. “A KnowledgeFox team has already been formed in another division of the company, the ‘Back’s Zuhause’ (‘Bake at Home’) department. We plan on starting this year,” says Daurer, explaining the expansion course.

Resch & Frisch expands with KnowledgeFox

“The creative use of KnowledgeFox at Resch & Frisch shows how a company can make a lasting positive contribution to corporate and team culture through gamification,” says Gregor Cholewa, KnowledgeFox COO and contact person for Resch & Frisch.

Read more about the success of the KnowledgeMatch at Resch & Frisch: A scientific study on increased learning motivation and learning activity will soon be published.

Pictured from left to right: HR Manager Michael Daurer, Christian Lenz, winner Janina Hille, Maria Müller, Christoph Damian and Junior Director & CEO of the “Gastro” division Georg Resch.