Gregor Cholewa
CEO & Co-Founder
Media, mountain and coffee enthusiast. Always looking for new projects and challenges. Fascinated by the mission to make knowing easy he co-founded KnowledgeFox during a research stay in Silicon Valley.

Eike Walsdorff
CTO & Leader Tech Development Team
Ensures famed “German thoroughness” and smooth-running technology at KnowledgeFox GmbH. Brilliant software architect and Java expert.

Manfred Freisitzer
Leader Customizing Support Team
Responsible for the technical implementation of the KnowledgeFox solution for our customers. Has 20 years of experience in the software business.

Christine Manhartseder
Partnerships & Sales Office

Philipp Egger
Head of Marketing & Product
Philipp brings more than ten years of experience in the field of Marketing from international corporations to KnowledgeFox. He loves to build up new brands, knows how to work with affiliated companies and likes to design work-flows efficiently.

Susanne Schönauer
Marketing & Content

Florian Lehner
Software Development

Eva-Maria Pils
Business Administration

Florian Hintermeier
Mobile Development

Industry Advisory Board

Boris Nemsic
Head; Delta Partners

Rapelang Rabana
Rekindle Learning

Peter A. Bruck
Founder & MicroLearning Evangelist

Benno F. Weißmann
Executive Consultant

Herwig Springer
i5 invest

Johannes Raidl
i5 invest

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KnowledgeFox reaches customers in 23 countries

reaches customers in 23 countries

Corporations, publishing houses, public administrations and companies on 4 continents use KnowledgeFox for a wide range of training activities, including product and compliance training, higher education and publishing.

KnowledgeFox is the worldwide pioneer of MicroLearning

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MicroLearning is characterized by small learning sequences. This principle has been applied in many areas for hundreds of years, e.g. when learning a language or musical instrument. Small, repeated steps ensure that knowledge or a skill are acquired and retained.

The MicroLearning approach was originally created in 2003 by Research Studios Austria FG, the parent company of KnowledgeFox. The innovation of KnowledgeFox consisted in the smart use of computers and the internet to support learners.

  • Rese­arch Stu­dios Aus­tria FG started to research and develop in this area in 2003, with the clear goal of integrating learning into one’s daily workflow, for example during small breaks.
  • The first patented prototype used an intelligent PC screensaver as a contact point, prompting learners to perform short learning activities when returning to their desks from breaks. Conventional learning material was broken down into small sequences and structured into knowledge cards, thus becoming easier to memorize.
  • The screen saver was soon replaced by a push-system, ensuring that a wide range of MicroInformation could be actively learned during a normal workday, instead of merely being passively received.
  • In subsequent years, the server was switched and the programming language was changed to Java. The authoring interface was improved significantly in order to simplify the development of content.
  • Next, mobile MicroLearning was developed, followed by its roll-out to all internet-capable devices.
  • 2012 saw the founding of KnowledgeFox GmbH with subsidiaries in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg.
  • In 2015, KnowledgePulse was rebranded into KnowledgeFox. Know­led­ge­Match® was introduced as a product innovation in order to include the aspect of gamification in KnowledgeFox.
  • In 2016, the redesigned website went online, containing new content and updated branding. MicroLearning in health care has become a new scientific focus for KnowledgeFox.
  • In 2017, the Bonnier media group joined KnowledgeFox to enter a new era on a global scale.

KnowledgeFox GmbH


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KnowledgeFox GmbH
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1090 Vienna | Austria

KnowledgeFox GmbH is a company registered at the Commercial Court of Vienna: FN 382929 g

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