Attention! This app can be addictive. Learn to learn in a new way. For free.

The KnowledgeFox app is available for Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. Individual users get the app for free. A free selection of courses is also available. Companies are kindly asked to contact for company licences.

Download for free for your Windows operating system (direct download)

Download for free from the Google Play store for your Android phone

Download for free from the iTunes App Store for your iPhone or iPad

Option number five: Test KnowledgeFox now for free in your web browser. You don’t even have to download the app!

Short videos introducing KnowledgeFox

How to create courses and lessons

How to create a group and add users to it

How to create knowledge cards

How to analyze users’ learning performance

How to manage users – expiration dates, etc.

KnowledgeFox GmbH


Phone:+43 676 722 1903 or  +431 890 6295 100 

Company address:
KnowledgeFox GmbH
Thurngasse 8/12
1090 Vienna | Austria

KnowledgeFox GmbH is a company registered at the Commercial Court of Vienna: FN 382929 g

VAT ID: ATU 67594944

Bank details: Erste Bank, IBAN: AT24 2011 1839 2504 4200 BIC: GIBAATWWXXX

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